Practice Fields

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Financial law

  • Providing legal counsel on credit transactions, assets management, and providing thorough legal counsel on assets management, finding international and domestic investment opportunities and providing legal counsel in this field, developing special personalised opportunities in in cooperations with my client

Tax law

  • Tax planning, providing legal counsel on tax laws, providing legal counsel on legal proceedings and out-of-court settlements, providing legal counsel on dutiable purposes of real estate transactions, confidential assets management

Property law

  • Contracts of real estate transactions and contracts of gifted property, drafting and countersigning condiminium association charter documents, and other contracts and deeds in connection with real estate transactions, providing thorough legal representation and legal counsel on international and domestic real estate transactions and on projects from implementation to completion, providing legal representation on court proceedings ajd out-of-court settlements of protection of property

Construction law

  • Providing legal representation on official authorization and court proceedings, and fully cooperating with architects in all professional issues to provide consultancy


  • Thorough legal representation on court proceedings and out-of-court settlements

Malpractice lawsuits

  • Providing legal representation on probate actions and probate proceedings, especially proceedings of contesting of wills and enforcement of property
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Probate actions

  • Providing legal representation on probate actions and probate lawsuits, especially in cases in connection with contesting wills and ensuring property rights.

Copyright law

  • Initiating payment processes, liaisoning with debt collectors in case of property transactions, providing legal counsel to eliminate existing payment obligations

Debt collecting

  • Ennek keretében fizetési meghagyásos eljárás megindítása, végrehajtási ügyekben az eljáró végrehajtókkal történő kapcsolattartás, ingatlanügyletekhez kapcsolódóan a fennálló terhek mihamarabbi törlése érdekében jogi segítség nyújtása.
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Labour law

  • Writing and offering legal opinion on contracts of employment and collective agreements, providing legal representation on labour law court proceedings and out-of-court settlement
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qode interactive strata

Administrative laws

  • Providing legal counsel on administrative and governmental organizations operations, full legal undertaking of official authorization

Family law

  • Divorce actions, providing legal representation on custody and child support cases, writing and countersigning property adjustment, arranging parental custody of minorsmin case of marriages and registered partnerships being terminated, providing legal representation on dividing joint asset and contacting minors

Company law

  • Providing full legal services on company formation, company modification, company reorganization by mergering, dissolving, or terminating (insolvency proceedings, proceeds of liquidation, dissolution)

International real estate transactions

  • Providing full official authorization from initiating process to registering property ownership at national land register.

Bank, capital market and stock exchange transactions

  • Portfolio management, developing personal portfolios, setting up funds and domestic and international fund management, offering consultancy and legal counsel on personalised investment services